Our Products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Health Benefits

Healthy olive oil packed in health protective compounds is a superfood. Pure olive oil is unadulterated and potent in compounds like oleocanthal, oleuropein, and hydroxytyrosol.


We are proud to have received the Gold Spirit of Excellence Super Health Award for high phenolic content and perfect taste from the Aristoleo competition 2020 and the Silver Award from the London International Olive Oil Health Claim competition 2020.  

Olea True is currently sourced from family-owned farms from small communities of Greece. The handcrafted, artisan techniques have been passed down from generation to generation to ensure the optimal time from harvest to oil production, to protect the rich properties and phenolic compounds found in their olives. 

Olea True does not undergo any processing (refining) at any stage of production and comes straight from organic crops to maintain its superior quality and taste.

Working with small, family-owned farms that produce small batches of high phenol EVOO allows us to import and sell Olea True shortly after the oil has been produced and at peak phenolic levels. As our production increases, our sourcing will expand to incorporate additional farms from new regions in Greece that offer the same high level of quality and purity, with the rich and robust flavor our customers associate with Olea True.

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