A Journey In Search Of The Most Healthful and Pure Olive Oil

The journey of Olea True as the premier brand, offering the richest flavor and highest quality product within the high phenol EVOO category, began as a collaboration between a group of scientists and entrepreneurs with shared passions for healthy living, good food, social consciousness, and exploration of mother nature’s secrets.

The scientists, having spent most of their careers studying pure olive oil for its pharmaceutical and medicinal properties, were eager to see a broad population benefit from their studies highlighting the extreme diversity of olive oil health benefits derived from the olive fruit, and particularly from the phenolic compounds within.

These compounds, while naturally occurring, are only produced in high concentrations when a specific set of variables are present. Some of these natural variables, such as the age of the olive tree and the soil condition, cannot be replicated without passage of time, thereby resulting in an extremely small percentage of EVOO that has the concentration of compounds necessary to place it within the high phenol range.

Our mission is twofold:

First - Educate consumers on the phenolic compounds found in some extra virgin olive oil so they can be aware of its health benefits and make an informed choice on whether incorporating a flavorful and healthful EVOO into their daily diet is worthwhile.

Second - Leverage this consumer awareness to establish a new market and enable farmers of high phenol EVOO to proudly reach that market at a fair price.

We offer you the opportunity to benefit from one of mother nature’s better kept secrets that has been maintained by generations of small farmers over hundreds of years, and to do so in a socially conscious manner.