Award in the London International Olive Oil Competition

We have received another award in the Health Claim category of the London IOOC! Olea Blue is the only award winning US company in the Health Claim category.

"London is already attracting the best olive oil producers in the world through this unique event to showcase and promote the health protective properties of high phenolic EVOOs (extra virgin olive oils), combined with a good taste profile.

Representatives will bring their EVOOs from all continents and olive oil producing countries to participate in the international high phenolic a. EVOO health claim and b. EVOO Packaging Competitions.  The olive oil samples that will participate in the competition will be submitted anonymously and properly coded for a blind examination that will be consisted of two parts, the chemical and the organoleptic.

The first part is a specialized chemical analysis that will measure the levels of the major phenols under Regulation 432/2012 on the olive oil health claim. The following phenols will be measured: oleocanthal, oleacein, oleuropein aglycon (monoaldehyde and dialdehyde forms), ligstroside aglycon (monoaldehyde and dialdehyde forms) using NMR spectroscopy by the method published in J. Agric. Food Chem. 2012, 60 (47), pp 11696-11703 and J. Agric. Food Chem., 2014, 62 (3), 600-607 and OLIVAE, 2015, 122, 22-33.

The sum of the phenolic ingredients will give a grade in a 0-100 scale and will be the 70% of the total final grade.

The chemical analysis will be done under the supervision of the head of the chemical committee by selected scientists with extensive experience in the olive oil analysis in a specialized laboratory which has all the necessary infrastructure.

The rating scale is configured in such a way that oil with phenolic content 500 mg / Kg will receive 65 points in Centigrade of the chemical part of the evaluation. This criterion is chosen because it ensures that the oils which potentially will be rewarded if they meet and the appropriate rating of sensory evaluation, will meet the health claim criteria for 12 months after the award under proper storage conditions (* according to studies of the organizing committee). The 100 points in Centigrade will be attributed to samples that will show phenolic content > 1500 mg / Kg

The second part of the evaluation concerns the organoleptic tasting by a committee, which consists of a head-taster president and the tasters-judges, members of the organoleptic committee. The Committee will be using a suitable evaluation form, based on that of the Mario Solinas competition organised every year by the International Olive Council, rating each sample with a separate and final total grade, on a 0-100 scale that will be the 30% of the final total grade. Depending on the total number of samples to be evaluated, the head of the team may break up the committee into subgroups and appoint one coordinator for each sub-group."


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  • Alfredo

    Hi there I need to buy Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a bottle of small size with a lid that does not release metallic acid as many Olive Oil bottles does
    Please, I appreciate your response.

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