Organic Strength Sampler - 2oz 2017 Harvest and 2oz 2018 Harvest
Organic Strength Sampler - 2oz 2017 Harvest and 2oz 2018 Harvest

Organic Strength Sampler - 2oz 2017 Harvest and 2oz 2018 Harvest

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We are proud that we have received a silver award for the second year in a row for high phenolic content and health from the London International Olive Oil Health Claim Competition 2018, and the gold standard of excellence award from The Olympia Health and Nutrition  Competition 2018

We were featured on Dr. Cabral's podcast series. Sign up for his podcast, and check out episode 434, 'Allergy Protocol, Olive Oil Supplement, My Favorite Juice & The Biology of Belief' to learn more about Olea True and the health benefits of high phenolic EVOO!

Experience Olea True and join the "going beyond extra virgin" movement. The purest and most potent high phenol EVOO on the market with antioxidant levels scientifically measured and included on our labels. The potent antioxidants are also responsible for the rich and robust flavor with a pleasant peppery aftertaste or "kick" as we call it. We offer you the opportunity to benefit from one of mother nature’s better kept secrets that has been maintained by generations of small farmers for hundreds of years.

Olea True high phenol EVOO is a fair trade product currently sourced from family owned farms from small communities throughout Greece. We recommend that you consume Olea True raw as phenolic strength is reduced at high temperatures. Take by the teaspoon for the full experience or drizzle over your favorite dish or dip for a healthful boost of flavor. Read our blog for some raw recipe ideas!

The rich and robust flavor of Olea True is offered in two phenolic strength levels (healthful compounds). The sampler pack allows you to experience the 2 different strength levels of Olea True. Receive one 59ML bottle in each strength (2 bottles total).

Keep in mind that EVOO oxidizes over time, particularly when exposed to air, heat and light. We test our EVOO periodically and make adjustments to strength level labeling as necessary.


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